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Whether you’re searching for the perfect company to help you custom build, renovate or simply be an advocate for you in the design process, you can be sure that Ponman Construction has the ability to translate your vision accurately.


When you reach out to our team, we start by gathering information like project location, the current stage of the project, what the design involves and anticipated timeline - every detail is important so we can ensure a successful project. We then request the design and engineering plans or any other reports that will guide us during our approach to your custom build, renovation or addition.


The next step is to meet with Brad, where you’ll discuss your project in detail and inspect the site. Here, Brad will ask questions about your design, fixtures, finishes and fittings to ensure that your vision is executed perfectly. During this stage of our process, we may inspire you to include unique features like elevators, fireplace, private cellar, steam room or gymnasium.


Next, we draft a quote that factors in everything that you have in your custom home build, renovation or addition; materials, finishes and labour. We pride ourselves on the decades of industry experience we have, thus we engage with highly regarded trades and suppliers to ultimately ensure premium workmanship and being strictly within the outlined budget.


Once we finalise the figures and all parties are satisfied, a contract agreement will be drafted and signed prior to the commencement of your project. We draft industry standard contracts, ensuring that fair and equitable conditions for all involved are factored into the terms and conditions.


The most exciting part of the process - bringing your plans on paper into reality! Throughout the entirety of your build project, we keep you updated with regular communication with your project lead as well as Brad. Our team is flexible and able to coordinate progression meetings that can discuss anything from budget tracking through to stage updates. You and your vision are one of the most important aspects of the build - so we strive to give you peace of mind that your project is in the right hands every step of the way. Now you can sit back, relax and watch your dreams become reality. We’ve got this!

What Our
Customers Say

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What Our
Customers Say


…Brad and his team arrived as planned on day one and diligently worked through each task until the job was completed to our satisfaction. The quality of the work, the speed and the teamwork Brad brought with him was obvious on inspection on final completion.

Throughout the renovations we never had cause to doubt Brad’s integrity, taste, pragmatism, attention to detail and good faith. His staff and his subcontractors worked as a team.
Brad suggested at the beginning the results of our renovations would be “schmick”. I googled “schmick” and it said: “stylish, excellent”. At the end of our renovations I had to agree with Brad. They looked “schmick”.

Mark Sullivan


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